Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breakfast with the Family

This morning we met my parent's at Eat N' Park in Robinson for breakfast.

I'm not even going to pretend like it's a place anyone reading this has not ever been before - my earliest eating memories include visits back to Pittsburgh from wherever we lived at the time and eating at Eat N' Park.

The vegetarian options on the menu are less than overwhelming, but a vegetarian can definitely make do.  I remember when I first went vegetarian eating a ton of the fried zucchini here - which is pretty decent.

For breakfast, they have things like pancakes and veggie omlets.  I typically get Oatmeal and Homefries, but today I wasn't really feeling oatmeal, so I just ordered the below double order of homefries (the empty glass of tomato juice was round #2):

And Gina got what appears to be a breakfast sandwich, homefries, and fruit (I ended up eating the fruit):

Then everyone at the table provided their insight into how crazy I am for thinking eggs are super weird, conceptually.  I wasn't swayed.

I couldn't just be content with just going to Eat n' Park - I also had to look up the history of the place on wikipedia.  If you're also interested you can read it too, here.  But it pretty much just says it opened in 1949 in the South Hills and used to be a franchise of Big Boy and now has 75 locations across 3 states.

I was always a King's kind of guy in highschool - and, evidently, so was Stephen Chbosky from the way the Perks of Being a Wallflower film managed to mention Kings, set scenes in Kings, or have subtly displayed background adds for Kings in, like, every other scene.(Side note on King's:  They just opened up a new location on Neville Island, and you can order beer there: word on the street called Wikipedia says.)

Now Gina and I are home and being totally lazy. Our basement was filled with drums so I moved those all to the garage, and now I'm really trying to persuade myself to do something productive like exercise or draw or something.  I haven't given up hope yet that this may happen.

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