Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some Thanksgiving Business

Hello world. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you happen to celebrate it. We had a very nice one. As you probably know or at least can imagine, Thanksgiving can be a tricky day for vegetarians. I would probably pass out from shock if anyone in either of our families presented us with a Thanksgiving Day Tofurkey. We do not expect this of them, we don't like to make anyone feel like they have to change the way they do things for us, especially on holidays that are steeped in tradition. We usually have a Vegan Thanksgiving with our friends in December and it is definitely one of my favorite traditions we have made our own.
Since we do a lot of running around on Thanksgiving being that we are bouncing back and forth between my family and Jason's family I wanted to make something for each place we were going to that would be okay to sit in the car for a little bit. For dinner at my aunt's house I made a Broccoli Cheese Casserole which I thought was my mom's recipe but then my grandma said it was hers but then said it was really my other aunt's so who knows. If you are Italian you probably know a little something about awesome yet crazy Italian grandmothers that you wouldn't trade for the world but sometimes make no sense. Regardless of who actually created this recipe, it's extremely simple to make and everyone always loves it. It's obviously also vegetarian friendly and could very easily be made vegan.

The ingredients are below:
If you are as awesome as me you will accidentally buy one package of chopped broccoli and one package of broccoli spears (how does that even happen?)which you then have to chop up after they are cooked. Sigh.I prefer to steam the broccoli, I think it tastes better and stays together better than boiling it. 
I put a little bit of butter around the dish just to prevent any sticking. 

Everything is in except for the Ritz Cracker crumbles.
Put a bunch of crackers in a baggie and smush them. Ta da! 
This will be your delicious finished product!

For Jason's aunt's house which is where we went to for dessert I decided to make Butterscotch Blondie Bars. I had never made these before but they ended up being amazing. 

This is the recipe I used. 

Set up

Why hello Kitchenaid Mixer, nice to see you. 

Would you like to mix some things for me? Of course you would!

This is the point where I always want to eat the batter. 




These were also fairly simple to make, I made both of them in the morning and I believe it was under 2 hours total for both of them to be totally done. So that is really all I cooked for Thanksgiving. Hope yours was wonderful and I am sure Jason will be updating soon with more of our food adventures. I will leave you with this.

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