Saturday, January 5, 2013


Heyoh, it's Gina. I am reporting to you from the land of sickness where I have been the last several days. I thought I would blog since I can do nothing that requires leaving my bed, couch or house.

My husband received an awesome cookbook from his parents for his recent birthday.

It has a lot of veggie friendly recipes in it and the ones that aren't seem like they will be easy to adapt.

I made this : Soba Noodle, Tofu, and Vegetable Stir-Fry

We had never tried soba noodles before but found them to be pretty tasty. Soba means buckwheat in Japanese. Wikipedia claims that it is traditionally eaten on New Years Eve in most areas of Japan and used to be given to new neighbors which is pretty cool. I wish when we moved into our house we got some soba noodles. Way to slack, neighbors. 

This recipe was pretty quick and very delicious. It calls for almond butter which I didn't have and lazily used peanut butter as a substitute for but I think it worked out well. This recipe is vegan. 

Here are pictures: 

We normally freeze our tofu to make it extra firm but  when we don't have time to freeze it we take the appropriate measures to ensure firm tofu. 


This is the sauce that I used peanut butter in instead of almond butter. It ruled. 

I had to transfer everything to a big pot to properly mix it all together . 

We had our families over for Jason's birthday and made some snacks. 

Usually I do not make spinach dip from a packet but I was feeling rushed (we decided to have everyone over one day in advance) so I gave it a shot. It was actually very good and I for some reason did not take a picture of the finished dip. I also made it 100% vegan. 

I made kale chips and roasted chickpeas. Super easy and you can eat so much of them both and not feel guilty. 

Beer Bread to go with the spinach dip. 

My mom and mom-in-law created all this food, eggplant parm, meatballs(for the meat eaters in the fam which is everyone except for us) and an awesome salad. This is our dining room table though. I aspire to someday be able to cook like those two wonderful ladies, they make incredible food. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Jason will probably post soon and it will be more exciting because he likely won't be sick and half falling asleep while blogging.

I will leave you with dinner from tonight. Amy's pizzas, both vegan, we liked the one of the left best.
We also recommend making two if there is two people eating because these pizzas are tiny. Or maybe we are fat. I don't know.

Here is a cat pic though. Or two.



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