Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Howdy folks,

Since we've last spoke, Jason and I have bought several new cookbooks. We have also felt incredible after switching to a vegan diet. Morally and physically, we just feel awesome. It's been about a full month so far and I have definitely noticed I have much more energy, my skin is super clear and all my pants are too big. Jason also feels super energized and he said he rarely feels hungry after dinner anymore, he is full much quicker. He also said tonight that as of our new cooking habits he has been wishing dinner would rewind every night so he could have it again. Agreed.

 We made our first recipe from Vegan Sandwiches Save The Day this evening and it was so delicious that we ate our dinner in almost total silence due to full concentration on this meal of perfection. "Faux-lafel" is what it is lovingly referred to. Behold.

Every time I have come across a recipe for falafel I think "Oh, that sounds awesome and I should totally make this but it seems like it will take forever and I am lazy and just want to eat something." which then results in me making something bland and boring and usually unhealthy or ordering in, which is rarely good for us physically or financially. I decided it was time to just make some freakin' faux-lafel. It was actually very easy to make and I wish I wouldn't have been such a baby every time I saw a recipe for it or I could have realized this much sooner. This recipe reminded us of one of our favorite Squirrel Hill restaurants, Aladdins, and was a nice throwback to the area of Pittsburgh we miss very often. 

Jason wanted to be the one to mash the chickpeas and assorted spices together. 
From the mashed mixture, plus some flour and baking powder, you create "heaping tablespoon" patties onto a cookie sheet. 

While the patties were baking we assembled the rest of the recipe. It actually called for whole wheat pita pockets but I saw these at the grocery store and they looked really good and are only 90 calories a pop and vegan so I snatched them up and I am SUPER glad I did. They ruled. 

Tomatoes and cucumber to go inside the wrap. Also picked up some chipotle mustard and wasabi mustard for a little bit of kick. The recipe has you make tahini dressing for these but we aren't crazy about tahini sauce or dressing so we went our own way on that part. There was also shredded lettuce that is not pictured.

Time to flip these sweet thangs after 15 minutes of baking. Onto the other side for 8 minutes and then it's time to feast. 

My plate is to the left and Jason's is on the right. We had different wrapping styles.

This is Jason's finished wrap! Hooray! Isn't it gorgeous?
Here is my wrap, I somehow made it burrito style but whatevs, it was the shit. 
Jason had a salad with dinner and added some patties to that. Yum!

I am super stoked to see what other awesome recipes we find in the new cookbooks and we will definitely keep you updated as well, bloggy. 

Once upon a time, at our first apartment, a very young Max just wanted to help cook dinner. He was unaware at the time that he had the idea a little bit mixed up. 


  1. I remember when you sent that Max photo to me in France!! I miss those wine Skype-dates - catching up with you at 4am when I got home and have a drink with you. Good times Good times.

    Your falafel are beautiful by the way! Hey, this may be a hard question, but try and answer it. With all of these really really good looking recipes you have been posting, what have been your favorite recipe that you have posted? Quick! Don't think about it too much! I want one from both of you!


  2. Aww France skype & wine dates were the best!

    My favorite was Tofu Georgia, oh man it was so delicious. Closely followed by the falafel!

  3. Sorry Ry! I just saw this now... My favorite... my favorite... probably the sauerkraut soup. Did we post the sauerkraut soup? I cant remember.