Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lizzy Borden sandwiches and Thai Food.

At this moment Gina is reading me the wikipedia page for Lizzy Borden.  This is our breakfast conversation.  We are simultaneously listening to Wampire who are great, and who's album you can stream in it's entirety on Polyvinyl Record's website.

Sorry its been so long!  To calm a fear I am sure anyone reading this must have had in our absence, I assure you, we do still eat when we're not blogging, you just dont get to see it.

I guess I'll start off with something we've been making for workday lunches recently - Pinwheel sandwiches.  We totally invented these (we did not really invent these.).

[Side Note:  I just did some extensive research (wikipedia) and couldn't find any cool history for these so lets just say that Lizzy Borden invented them (Editors note:  though we cannot definitively prove that Lizzy Borden did not invent this sandwich, we cannot definitively state that she did either. She likely did not.) .  I did, however, discover a page on wikipedia that just lists sandwiches.  Its awesome.  Read it.]

So here's the story:  Its, say, Tuesday.  Your alarm goes off and you hit snooze a few dozen times and then  finally drag yourself out of bed weeping in your mind at the injustice of the fact that IT'S HARDLY EVER FRIDAY.  You feed the cats, you give your oldest cat (and best bud) his thyroid meds, you put on the coffee.

It's around the time that you're in the shower thinking about how you have roughly ten minutes left to get out the door or you will certainly be late for work when you suddenly think, "Well crap, I've got to make something for lunch."  This thought is immediately followed by, "Wow, we've got to clean the soap scum off of this shower door."

You dont need to stress though - lunch can be made in pretty much no time!  (Your shower door, however, will require some time.  Sorry.)

Here's what you do.

You take the leftover flat bread out of the fridge from those flatbread pizza's Gina made that we didn't show you.

The pictures look weird, today.  Sorry they're stretched out - I have no idea how to fix this or if it will even display this way once I publish this post.  Oh well.


You lay the flatbread on a cutting board (because you've convinced yourself, for some reason, that the table is more germy).

You take out that tub of Tribe Everything Hummus which initially sounded kind of gross to you but you ended up admitting to yourself was really good.

Spread that wonder onto the flatbread - really smother it on there - go on, let yourself go.  Yes!  There it is...

(clears throat nervously)

Lay on there some greens (because if you don't use them for something soon, they'll likely go bad and you will have to throw them away and feel guilty about it.)

Take out your trusty, delicious Tofurky brand lunch"meat" and lay down a layer of that.

Then (this is my favorite part) ROLL IT!

Sing a song to yourself while you do this that only uses the words "roll it".  Get into the rhythm.

Then cut it into segments imagining that you are a master sushi chef and you are on Iron Chef and you just won.

And there you have it.

What else have we been doing...

Oh yeah, we tried out this new thai/cambodian place in the South Side called Aspara Cafe.  It was really good!

As a rule we typically do not frequent the South Side - however - Gina was stationed at the South Side branch for work that day, and I drove down to pick her up after.

The restaurant itself is a really neat space.  The decor is well done and interesting.  Lots of elephants.  

Because I suck I only remembered to take a picture of the appetizer that we got:

They're fresh spring rolls with tofu, and they were really good.  They had a hint of mint in them which was really pleasing,  The peanut dipping sauce was thicker and sweeter than I'm used to, but was really good - oh and they give it to you with this awesome little wooden spoon which I found endlessly entertaining to use to apply the sauce.

I got their Panang and it was delicious.  It was bell peppers, peas, carrots, thai basil, kaffir lime leaves and smothered in a wonderful coconut curry.

I got it super spicey so unfortunately Gina did not try it.

Gina got Phad Thai and really liked it as well.  I did sample her Phad Thai and can attest, it is definitely worth trying (maybe even worth going to the South Side for, ugh....)

That's about all I've got.  Imma try to post more frequently again, so stay tuned.

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