Monday, June 30, 2014

Artichokes, my long lost love

For Christmas Gina got me this cookbook:

And tonight I used it to make a pretty kick ass dinner.

Gina doesn't really dig spicy foods and tonight she wanted a veggie burger for dinner so I took the opportunity to make something I'd like (read: super spicy) for myself.

All you really do is mince up a few cloves of garlic, defrost 9 ounces of frozen artichoke hearts, sauté them in olive oil with the garlic, capers (I used way more than the recipe called for because I can't get enough of their briny goodness), parsley, a healthy heap of fiery red pepper flakes, lemon juice and bread crumbs.

I piled it on top of some soba noodles and proceeded to kill all if it by myself. It was only after I pushed back my plate and sighed with contentment that I realized the recipe I 'd just housed was supposed to serve four... And I hung my head in shame.

But only for a second.

It looked like this:

Under the Dome premiers tonight for season 2 so I guess I'll give Orange is the New Black a break and check that out while rocking out some Straubs.

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