Friday, June 6, 2014

First post from the iPhone!

I downloaded the blogger App since I was hardly ever posting in this blog anymore using the old computer.

Very quick first post:

Been trying out a lot of stuff from Isa Chandra Moskowitz new cookbook Isa Does It. So far Gina and I love it.

Imma try to post a picture in this new blog atmosphere, hang in there...

That was way easier than I thought!

Anyway, that picture is broccoli and seitan with homemade barbecue sauce from the aforementioned book. It was amazing.

Below is a night I made a bunch of stuff for us to eat the next day or so to save on time:

I tried to freeze the soup (which is Hot and Sour). It was a freezing disaster:

And below are roasted potatoes, onions, and carrots all from my garden..... Okay, I totally bought them and don't even have a garden but they were delicious all the same:

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