Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weird lunch and more from India

Shop n Save closed near us, in Kennedy Twp.

Word is Giant Eagle bought them.

I miss mostly that I could walk to them, that was nice. Their prices were moderately better depending on what you'd buy, and they were within walking distance - that's key in an area where there's not much to walk to.

Giant Eagle does have better options for weirdos like Gina and I, though, like this gem:

This fake chicken is freaking awesome. Seriously.

With it we recently made these:

As far as "chicken" sandwiches go, these were a ten out of ten, we thought.

I also utilized this cookbook:

That we bought before we even lived together. Now that there's a worthy fake chicken to work with I attempted one of this books poultry dishes and made this tonight:

Having never had the real deal I truly don't know how close it came but I ate two servings and wanted a third so I guess that says something.

I will leave you with two things, first being a truly pathetic lunch I made the other day at work using literally the only things in our fridge. I took cold leftover pasta and a veggie bouillon cube. I added hot water to the pasta from the coffee maker's hot water spout at work and crumbled in the bouillon and voila, noodle soup.

It was embarrassing and it looked like this:

Several nights later I went to
Armstrong's in Moon Twp with my parents and had their damn good Linguini Puttanesca which looked like the below picture and I want to re- eat it every day for the rest of my life it was that good:

And that is all.

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